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ISIN members are encouraged to submit items of interest to other members. If you know of indicator news that would be of interest to ISIN members, please contact contactus at

Special Update: There is still time to register for the Ceres 2007 Conference Advancing Sustainable Prosperity, April 25-26 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Ceres Conference 2007 will bring together and mobilize CEOs, corporate directors, investors and national environmental leaders to take action on these vast challenges. The theme for the meeting is about understanding that capitalism and sustainability are deeply and increasingly interrelated. By uniting investor and environmental perspectives, business strategies can be aligned with sustainable solutions so that the planet can be protected at the same time that people can prosper.

Items of Interest
  • The Canadian Community Monitoring Network (CCMN) website has been launched! This site describes the results of a pilot project to develop a standardized approach to community-based monitoring in Canada. Helpful methods and resources, as well as lessons learned and keys for success, are available to support communities in implementing their monitoring program. More information on the CCMN is available at
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  • The Silicon Valley Environmental Partnership anounces the launch of the Silicon Valley Environmental Index (Index). The Index is available at, along with suggested actions that individuals and organizations can take to improve performance on each indicator, and a how-to manual describing how other communities can create their own environmental indicators.
  • The NRTEE is pleased to announce the release of a State of the Debate report entitled, Environment and Sustainable Development Indicators for Canada. The National Round Table has developed six proposed new measures - or indicators - to track Canada's ability to maintain prosperity. These indicators will augment familiar economic data - such as gross domestic product (GDP) and the consumer price index (CPI). To download a copy of this report, or for purchasing information, visit
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Prior Events (Updated November 2003)
  • Canadian sustainability indicator practitioners are getting together for a Mixture of Strategic Thinking and Knowledge Sharing, Tuesday November 25th, 2003, in Halifax, Nova Scotia (in conjunction with the 9th Annual EMAN National Science Meeting). There is no cost for registration. If you would like to participate, please register at: For more information contact Barb Buckland by email or by phone at (819) 994-0460.
  • EMAN National Science Meetings offer the rare opportunity to network and share ideas within and across disciplines, sectors, and jurisdictions. If you are interested in holistic, adaptive approaches to ecosystem management, make sure to attend the 9th Annual 2003 Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network National Science Meeting on November 25-29, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • Tools for Community Design and Decision Making, Working Session V: Information Technology in Action, December 11-13, 2003, in San Francisco, California. Explore how new approaches and tools for planning can improve local decisions about growth and development. To register and for more information, go to
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  • ISIN's next Biennial meeting will be held in 2005. Email ISIN Admin if you would like to be put on the next ISIN meeting mailing list.
Recent Activities
  • To read about what happened at the last ISIN Meeting in Toronto, Canada, visit the online Toronto Meeting Review.

  • Pocantico Meeting - Read the consensus statement and other outcomes of the March 2002 meeting on Developing a National System of Sustainability Indicators for the U.S., co-sponsored by ISIN.
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