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    Print this membership form and send it with your check or money order to:
    International Sustainability Indicators Network
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    Checks or money orders should be made payable to Sustainability Institute. 
    Sorry, we are not able to accept credit card payment.
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Choose 1 or more of the following working groups that you are interested in joining:

____   U.S. National Indicators         ____   Indicators for Decision-Making

____   Land Use Indicators              ____   Biennial Meeting Committee

____   Curriculum                       ____    Business Indicators

____    Canadian Community of Practice


Choose 1 or more of the following scopes to describe your work with indicators:

 ____   Local                   ____   Regional         

____   State                    ____   National         ____   International

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Do you want to be listed in the ISIN website directory?

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ISIN Individual Membership Dues         US$75    ____
ISIN Developing Practitioner Dues       US$20    ____
ISIN Organizational Membership Dues     US$200   ____
ISIN Affiliate  (no charge)                      ____
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