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We thank the following for their generous support of ISIN:
City of Santa Monica, Environmental Programs Division
The City of Santa Monica has had a Sustainable City Program with guiding principles and indicators for measuring progress since 1994. Santa Monica is in the forefront of municipalities actively working on more sustainable lifestyles for its residents and visitors. For more information see:
City of Toronto, Canada
Environment Canada
Hewlett Foundation
The Hewlett Foundation is a private foundation whose broad purpose is to promote the well-being of mankind by supporting selected activities of a charitable nature, as well as organizations or institutions engaged in such activities. The Foundation has a strong commitment to the voluntary, nonprofit sector that lies between industry and government. Institutions and organizations in this category serve purposes very important to our society, and their health and effectiveness are a major concern. For more information see:

Minnesota Office of Strategic and Long Range Planning
The Minnesota Sustainable Development Initiative is a collaboration of business, government and civic interests that promotes policies, institutions and actions for ensuring Minnesota's long-term environmental, economic and social well-being. It is administered by Minnesota Planning and the Environmental Quality Board. For more information see:
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
The Rockefeller Brothers Fund is a philanthropic organization dedicated to promoting the well-being of all people in the transition to global interdependence. One of the Fund's goals is to foster environmental stewardship which is ecologically based, economically sound, culturally appropriate, and sensitive to questions of intergenerational equity. For more information see:
Sustainable Measures
Sustainable Measures is a private consulting firm dedicated to promoting sustainable communities, primarily through the development, understanding and use of effective indicators and systems for measuring progress. Sustainable Measures helps governments, businesses, and non-profits find appropriate, practical ways to measure progress toward more sustainable measures of living and doing business. For more information see:
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