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Organizational Members
ISIN Membership Directory
Organizational Members
Individual Members
The following are organizational members of ISIN. Organizations may designate up to three people for individual ISIN membership.
American Planning Association
AtKisson, Inc.
Members: Alan AtKisson, Lee Hatcher
Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life Indicators
Members: Hazel Henderson
Members: Linda Morse, Stephanie Foster, Scott Johnson
City of Cape Town, South Africa
Members: Craig Haskins, Keith Wiseman, Keith Smith
City of Santa Monica, Environmental Programs Division
Members: Dean Kubani, Craig Perkins, Brian Johnson
City of Toronto, Canada
Members: John Warren, Ilze Andzans
Environment Canada
Members: Risa Smith, Barb Buckland, Dennis O'Farrell
GPI Atlantic
Members: Ronald Colman, Bill Turpin
Hewlett Foundation
International Institute for Sustainable Development
Members: Laszlo Pinter, Peter Hardi, Dr. Pumulo Muyatuwa
Lowell Center for Sustainable Production
Members: Cathy Crumbley
Meridian Institute
Members: Timothy Mealey, Sarah Walen, Jay West
Minnesota Office of Strategic and Long Range Planning
Members: John Wells, Rolf Nordstrom, Jay Stroebel
Natural Logic, Inc.
Members: Gil Friend, Bill Reed, David Jaber
Natural Resources Canada
Members: Scott Clausen, Simon Bridge, Aining Zhang
New Jersey Sustainable State Institute
Members: Joy Hecht, Mook Han Kim
Orton Family Foundation
Members: Steve Mullen, Karen Yacos, Brenda Faber
Parc Downsview Park
Members: Tony Genco, Carol Ross, Bruce Warren
PEI Department of Agriculture and Forestry
Members: Katherine Clough
Region of Peel
Members: Neil Malcolm, Wendy Ren, Ron Jaros
RICS Foundation
Members: David Fitzpatrick, Stephen Brown, Jon Fletcher
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Rocky Mountain Institute
Members: Michael Kinsley  
SKN Worldwide
Members: William G. Russell, Fernando Casado, Robert Pojasek
Sustainability Institute
Members: Don Seville, Drew Jones, Diana Wright
Sustainable Measures, Inc.
Members: Maureen Hart, Vesela Veleva, Dave Piechota
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
Members: Anne Reesor, Lisa King, Scott Jones
USDA-Forest Service
Members: Ruth McWilliams, Susan Odell, Loren Ford
U.S. Department of Energy, Denver Regional Office
Members: William Becker, Doug Seiter, Patrick Lana
William McDonough and Partners
Members: Diane Dale, Michelle Amt
World Resource Insitute
Members: Dan Tunstall, Christian Layke, Iddo Wernick
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