2nd Biennial ISIN Meeting
March 13-16, 2003, Toronto
Measuring Progress Toward Sustainability:
Where We've Been, Where We're Headed
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Pictures of the 2nd Biennial ISIN Meeting in Toronto, March 13-16,2003
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Welcome to the 2nd Biennial Meeting of ISIN!

Members of the ISIN Advisory Board arrive for the Board meeting Thursday afternoon (Alan AtKisson, David Berry, Maureen Hart, Allison Quaid, and Laszlo Pinter)

Paul Wack (left) and Lee Hatcher (right) chat with ISIN Advisory Board members (middle - Dean Kubani, John Wells, Randy Solomon) at the Friday Dinner.

Cynthia Barakatt, ISIN Program Manager

Peter Hardi and others get a delicious vegetarian lunch prepared and served by the staff of the Field to Table Centre, a project of Food Share Metro Toronto.
Kyle Leetham and Eva Boyd - two of the City of Toronto Staff whose outstanding efforts helped make the meeting such a success.

Robin O'Malley and other ISIN members review the meeting agenda and greet each other before the opening plenary session begins.
Hazel Henderson talks in her plenary presentation about the power of indicators.

Risa Smith and Wayne Bond of Environment Canada chat with other ISIN Members.

Randy Solomon (left) and Mark Anielski (2nd from right) and their group report back on how to link indicators across scales.

Stephen Hall (left), Noel Keough and John Wells' group reports back.

Bill Motley, Doug Worts, Aviva Patel, Eric Sarriot, and Ron Maribett report back on the confusion.

Ed Quevedo describes a model for Regional Agenda 21 Planning that connects local government, businesses and academia.

Andree Chevrier's group used a traditional French song to describe the connections between scales.

Allison Quaid reporting back from her group

ISIN's Advisory Board members take a break to climb the CN Tower between the Board meeting and then Reception (David Berry, Dean Kubani, Alan AtKisson, Laszlo Pinter, and Drew Jones)

People mingling in the meeting hall's foyer 1.

People mingling in the meeting hall's foyer 2.

People mingling in the meeting hall's foyer 3.

Breakout Session

? and John Warren

Grounds outside Meeting Hall

Allison Quaid conducts a breakout session

Group around dinner table

David Piechota - ISIN's tireless intern pauses for a break once the posters have all been set up.

Poster of Sustainable Development Indicators for Peri-Urban Areas. Case Study: Mexico City

Vesela Veleva next to ISIN's Poster

Poster of The State of the Nation's Ecosystem: Indicators of Ecosystem Condition and Use.

Poster of City of Cape Town State of the Environment Report

David Burdick standing next to his poster titled, "Measuring Corporate Sustainability and Sustainable Production"

Poster of Sustainability Evaluation in Community-Based Health Projects.

Vincent Mercier standing next to a poster titled, "Reporting on Water Quality to Atlantic Canadians."

Poster for GPI Atlantic

Poster titled, "Measuring Sustainability: The Earth Charter Indicators."

Robin O'Malley looking at posters.

Poster titled, "Measuring Sustainability Performance."

Poster by the Canadian Community Monitoring Network
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