2nd Biennial ISIN Meeting
March 13-16, 2003, Toronto
Measuring Progress Toward Sustainability:
Where We've Been, Where We're Headed
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Albert Abee
USDA Forest Service
Michelle Amt
William McDonough + Partners
Ilze Andzans
City of Toronto - Environmental Services Section
Mark P. Anielski
Anielski Management Inc.
Sharon Arscott-Mills
U.S. Agency for International Development
Alan AtKisson
AtKisson, Inc.
Joyce A. Baker
United Way of East Central Iowa
Cynthia Barakatt
Valerie Baron
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Jane Barr
Environmental Consultant
David Bell
York Centre for Applied Sustainability (YCAS)
Beth Beloff
BRIDGES to Sustainability
Marc-Andre Bernier
Groupe Conseil Nunatek
David Berry
Wolfgang Bittermann
Statistics Austria
Wayne Bond
Environment Canada
Sean Boushel
Faculty of Environmental Studies
Eva Boyd
City of Toronto
Bonny Bryant-Besharah
City of Ottawa
Barbara Buckland
Environment Canada
David Burdick
Sustainable Steps
John Burrett
Lori Byers
Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing
Michelle Carruthers
City of Toronto
Meredith Carter
Otonabee Conservation
Fernando Casado
SKN Worldwide
J. Marcos Castro
University of Malaga, Department of Applied Economics
Andree Chevrier
Fisheries and Oceans
Bjorn Christensen
Regional Niagara
Katherine Clough
PEI Department of Agriculture & Forestry
Martin Collier
Glaser Progress Foundation
Susan Collins
Hilton Farnkopf & Hobson
Ronald Colman
GPI Atlantic
Matthew Cory
York University
Sean M. Cosgrove
City of Toronto Energy Efficiency Office
Cathy Crumbley
Lowell Center for Sustainable Production
Diane Dale
William McDonough & Partners
Rocio Araceli Diaz-Chavez
EIA Unit IBS, University of Wales Aberystwyth
Nancy Doucet
David Fitzpatrick
RICS Foundation
Patrice Flynn
Flynn Research
Stephanie Foster
Craig Freshley
Policy Development, Inc.
Gil Friend
Natural Logic, Inc.
Tony Genco
Parc Downsview Park, Inc.
Mike Gill
Environment Canada
Adriana Gomez
City of Toronto
Court Gould
Sustainable Pittsburgh
Michael Grant
Ontario Ministry of Northern Development & Mines
Sydney Green
Center for Sustainability - Orlando, Florida
Shelley Grice
City of Toronto
Liza Grobler
Department of Environmental Affairs & Tourism
Geneva Guerin
Sustainability Solutions Group
Stephen Hall
Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs
Kathryn W. Hansen
Iowa United Nations Association
Peter Hardi
International Institute for Sustainable Development
Maureen Hart
Sustainable Measures, Inc.
Linda Harvey
City of Hamiliton, Long Range Planning and Design
Craig Haskins
City of Cape Town
Lee Hatcher
AtKisson, Inc.
Joy Hecht
New Jersey Sustainable State Institute
Ted Heintz
US Department of Interior, Office of Policy Analysis
Hazel Henderson
Calvert-Henderson Quality of Life Indicators
Ann M. Henry
United Way of the Bluegrass
Martin Herzog
City of Toronto, CAO's Office
Anthony L. Hodge
Anthony Hodge Consultants Inc./Mining Team, International Institute for Sustainable Development
Chase Huntley
Natural Resources & Environment, US General Accounting Office
Celia Jackson
York University
Al Jamal
Environment Canada
Beverly Johnson
City of Boulder Planning and Development Services
Scott Johnson
Andrew Jones
Sustainability Institute
Scott Jones
Toronto and Region Conservation
Michael Keating
Sustainability Reporting Program
Noel Keough
Sustainability Calgary Society
Elizabeth Kilvert
Ecological Monitoring & Assessment Network Coordinating Office (Environment Canada)
Lisa King
Toronto & Region Conservation
Paul M. Koch
Sustainable Strategies
Dean Kubani
City of Santa Monica
Melanie Lalani
City of Toronto - Public Health
Christian Layke
World Resource Institute
Allison R. Leavitt
Sustainable Cincinnati
Kyle Leetham
City of Toronto - Environmental Services
Alexandre Lefebvre
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Martin Lemire
Statistics Canada, Environment Accounts and Statistics Division
Eva Ligeti
CAP/TAF (City of Toronto)
Steve Litke
Fraser Basin Council
Michael Lunn
Sustainable Management Systems Consultancy
Andre Lyn
York University, Faculty of Environmental Studies
Mary MacDonald
City of Toronto
Shakir Machhiwala
Schulich School of Business, York University
Virginia Maclaren
University of Toronto
Neil Malcolm
Region of Peel
Ron Maribett
State Agency/Colchester Neighborhood Farm
Sharon Matthias
Matthias Inc.: Designing the Future
Lorna Mayer
United Way Winnipeg
Jeff McCormick
City of Toronto
Greg McDonald
York University
Bill McGuinty
Ontario Ministry of Northern Development
Graeme McLaren
British Columbia Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management
Timothy J. Mealey
Meridian Institute
Peter Melhus
Silicon Valley Environmental Partnership
Vincent Mercier
Environment Canada, National Indicators and Reporting Office
Sharon Moran
Temple University, Center for Sustainable Communities
John Morris
Environment Canada
Alex Motley
Humber College
Bill Motley
Steve Mullen
Orton Family Foundation, CommunityViz Project
Rajiv Nariani
York University
Chad Nelson Environment Canada
Jason Niles
University of Waterloo
Sonja Lynn Odom
University of South Carolina
Dennis O'Farrell
Environment Canada
Robin O'Malley
The H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics and the Environment
Sukhyun Park
State University of New York, College of Environmental Science & Forestry
Aviva Patel
University of Guelph
Chris Paterson
Green Mountain Institute for Environmental Democracy
Kit Perkins
New Ecology, Inc.
Rose-Marie Petersen
Environment Canada
David Piechota
Stephanie Pincetl
Center for Sustainable Cities; University of Southern California
Laszlo Pinter
International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
Monica K. Pohlmann
City of Calgary
Louis Portelli
City of Toronto
Kris Prendergast
Institute for Sustainable Cities; U.S. Green Building Council
Bonnie Prochaska
Sustainable Racine
Csaba Pusztai
Eszterhazy Karoly College; Carpathian Foundation
Allison Quaid
International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI)
Edward Quevedo
WSP Environmental North America
Wendy Ren
The Region of Peel
Ann Rexe
Water & Wastewater Services, Works & Emergency Services, City of Toronto
Jean Richardson
SGS Lakefield Research
Wendy Ripmeester
Natural Resources Canada
Irene Rubinstein
Laboratory for Industrial & Applied Mathematics, York University
Lisa Salsberg
NRU Publishing
Jack Santa-Barbara
The Scale Project
Eric Sarriot
ORC Macro - Child Survival Technical Support
Malcolm Scoble
UBC Mining Engineering
James Scott
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, Provincial Planning & Environmental Services Branch
Jessica Seares
Institute of Ecology
Doug Seiter
U.S. Department of Energy, Denver Regional Office
Harvey Shear
Environment Canada -Ontario Region
Donna Slater
Industry Canada
Risa Smith
Environment Canada
Stuart Smith
Randall E. Solomon
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
Jan Suurland
Dutch system of indicators
Yan Szeto
Garry Thomas
Ithaca College, Dept of Anthropology
Vanessa Timmer
Kennedy School of Government
Erica Tucker
Sam Sustainable Asset Management
Vesela Veleva
Sustainable Measures, Inc.
Serge Villeneuve
Environment Canada
Paul Wack
City & Regional Planning - CALPOLY
Chris Warner
Worldbank, South Africa
John Warren
City of Toronto
Clare Wasteneys
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food
John R. Wells
Minnesota Office of Strategic & Long Range Planning
Carlos Manuel Welsh Rodriguez
UNESCO Catedra on Technology, Sustainable Development, Unbalance and Global Change
Iddo Wernick
World Resources Institute
Nicole Workum
Sustainable Energy Development Office
Douglas Worts
Masterworks Consulting
Kaveh Zahedi
United Nations Environment Programme

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