2nd Biennial ISIN Meeting
March 13-16, 2003, Toronto
Measuring Progress Toward Sustainability:
Where We've Been, Where We're Headed
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Planning Committee 
We are especially grateful to the following organizations their for sponsorship of the meeting:
Environment Canada
City of Toronto
Canadian National Round Table for the Environment and the Economy
ISIN Meeting Planning Committee
Ilze Andzans, City of Toronto
Mark Anielski, Anielski Management Inc.
Alan AtKisson, AtKisson Inc.
Cynthia Barakatt, ISIN
David Bell, York University Centre for Applied Sustainability
David Berry, U.S. Interagency Task Force on Sust. Dev. Indicators
Barb Buckland, Environment Canada
Jeff Elder, United Way of America
Patrice Flynn, Flynn Research
Gil Friend, Natural Logic Inc.
Maureen Hart, ISIN
Ted Heintz, U.S. Department of Interior
Lee Hatcher, AtKisson, Inc.
Joy Hecht, New Jersey Sustainable State Institute
Brian Johnson, City of Santa Monica
Drew Jones, Sustainability Institute
Dean Kubani, City of Santa Monica
Ken Meter, Crossroads Resource Center
Chris Paterson, Community Initiatives, LLC
Dave Piechota, ISIN
Laszlo Pinter, International Institute for Sustainable Development
Kris Prendergast, Inst. for Sust. Cities; U.S. Green Building Council
Ron Neilson, Al Can
Dennis O'Farrell, Environment Canada
Robin O'Malley, The Heinz Center for Science, Economics and the Env.
Allison Quaid, International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
Don Seville, Sustainability Institute
Harvey Shear, Environment Canada
Randy Solomon
David Swain, Jacksonville Community Council Inc.
Jeff Tryens, Oregon Progress Board
Vesela Veleva, Sustainable Measures, Inc.
John Wells, Minnesota Office of Strategic and Long Range Planning
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Highlights Meeting Sessions Presentations Photos Pre-Meeting Workshops Meeting Particpants Home