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First Annual Work Group Meeting, Essex, MA November 2001 - Notes from Sprawl/Smart Growth Indicator Work Group
Work Group Activities for the Essex Meeting
Sprawl/Smart Growth Notes on Meeting
Indicators for Decision Making Notes on Meeting
Business, Markets and Sustainability Indicators Notes on Meeting
Indicators in Land Use Planning
Discussion Leader: John Wells
Scribe: Cynthia Barakatt
Participants: Mark Anielski, Lyn Billman-Golemme, Bruce Boggs, Gil Friend, Maureen Hart, Peter Hawley, Ted Heintz, Michael Kinsley, Chris Paterson, Kris Price, Allison Quaid, Darcy Rollins, Pam Russell, and Randy Solomon.
ISIN has had preliminary conversations with a foundation that is interested in supporting a two day meeting on the topic of developing "smart growth" indicators. Because of budget and space constraints, the meeting would be limited to 35 participants.
The purpose would be to discuss the development of tools that apply (indicatoars and procedures) for helping communities and regions deal with urban sprawl.
Discussion Highlights/Recommendations
Audience for the outcomes should be communities, regions and states.
  • Smart growth in larger context of sustainable development
  • Overview/present existing research (send background information to participants ahead of time)
  • State laws governing and affecting growth management
  • Toolkit vs. Capacity Building: We need to decide what can reasonably be accomplished with a two-day session.
The workshop could seek to add value to existing tool kits by highlighting links of land use management to sustainability - links at all levels and across issues (i.e., energy, affordable housing in relation to where jobs are, etc.)
We should emphasize how sustainable development principles provide a basis for the proposed workshop's unique contribution to smart growth indicators.
Who should be invited/involved
  • Combination of land use experts and indicators experts
  • NGO's working on smart growth
  • Reps of local and regional government associations (cities, counties, states)
  • Regional and national planning associations
  • State and regional policy makers
Potential Agenda
Who is using indicators? Invite people to speak about the best of what's currently used in communities and regions.
What are the key elements of a framework and how can thy address the range of issues related to land use management and smart growth (e.g., connection to transportation planning)?
What would the elements of a toolkit and how could they be link to community and regional growth management planning and decision-making?
Suggestion (from Dean Kubani)to look at West Side Urban Forum in Los Angeles as a model for a multi-stakeholder meeting - it is a mix of local government officials, developers and others.
Several people wanted to continue to work on this project and try to make the meeting happen: John Wells, Allison Quaid, Peter Hawley, Randy Solomon, Lyn Billman-Golemme.
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