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The Advisory Board is made up of 10-15 members of ISIN representing a diverse set of scales (local to international), types of sustainability indicator expertise (community, business, government, social, measurement) and different areas of the world. The Advisory Board's role is:
  • to work with the Director to establish long-term goals for ISIN,
  • evaluate progress towards the goals on a yearly basis,
  • develop the yearly program goals for the network's meetings, and
  • identify funding opportunities for the network's general operations and programs.
The members of the Advisory Board are elected by the membership and serve for a maximum of three years with roughly one-third of the Board being up for reelection each year. Currently, the Advisory Board members include:
Name Organization/Location Area of interest/expertise
Mark Anielski Anielski Management, Inc.
Alberta, Canada
GPI (Genuine Progress Indicators), National (U.S./Canada), and State/Provincial
Alan AtKisson AtKisson, Inc.
Community indicators, International efforts
David Berry Interagency Working Group on Sustainable Development Indicators
Washington, DC
National Indicators
Patrice Flynn Flynn Research
Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
Economic and Social Indicators
Michael Kinsley Rocky Mountain Institute
Snowmass, Colorado
Economic Indicators
Dean Kubani City of Santa Monica Sustainable City Program
Santa Monica, California
Local community
Allison Quaid International Council for Local Environment Initiatives
San Francisco, California
Local community, Local Agenda 21
Laszlo Pinter International Institute on Sustainable Development
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
International Efforts, Measurement
Don Seville Sustainability Insitute
Hartland, Vermont
Systems modeling
Randy Solomon Resource Renewal Institute
San Francisco, California
Federal and State level
John Wells Minnesota Office of Strategic and Long Range Planning
St. Paul, Minnesota
State level and land use
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